Spain’s Minister of Culture, Ángeles González-Sinde, has revealed before the Senate that the proposed Sustainable Economy Law also has provisions of closing web pages containing illegal downloads or P2P links without a judicial order.

The news has met sharp criticism from Internet users’ associations and bloggers in Spain saying that the law paves for censorship on the Internet. According to these people, such decisions can be taken only by a judge and not by the Minister of Culture.

Minister for Industry, Miguel Sebastián defended the government’s decision by saying that Internet users won’t be chased. Culture Minister González-Sinde also said that there would be no termination of Internet connections, amid reports that the cabinet is going to introduce new amendments in the law which will allow Internet connections to be terminated but a judicial order would be required.

This development has come at a time when several Spanish singers including Rosario, Chenoa and Antonio Carmona accompanied hundreds of protesters on Tuesday in Madrid demanding strict actions against illegal download of music.

According to some, the music industry would collapse in five years if nothing is done to stop illegal downloads.