La Guardia Urbana de Barcelona and the Autonomous Police fined or arrested 149 juveniles over the weekend on charges of consuming of alcohol and drugs in and around the city. Since January, 591 youths have been caught consuming alcohol on the streets or due to possession of drugs.

149 charged for underage drinking and drugs consumptionHead of the Guardia Urbana, Pedro Velazquez said that the main objective of this drive is to prevent a ‘very vulnerable’ age group, that is, the juveniles, from such risks. According to Pedro Velazquez there has been an upsurge in the number of young people attracted towards alcohol and drugs and this is adversely affecting the society. Often such juveniles were found to be in possession of knives or other weapons, shouting and bothering neighbors, painting graffiti and riding their motor bikes dangerously.

Many of those who were caught say that their parents suffer from depression and have begged the police not to inform them. In such cases children are taken to the police station till their parents or guardian arrives to take them back. 

Image by 1080p under Creative Commons.