Spanish consumer organization FACUA has imposed new restrictions on commercial SMS services in a bid to prevent harassment of consumers.

Under the new regulations, a maximum price of 6€ has been marked for a commercial SMS and first digits involved will determine the cost of the SMS. Text numbers will be of 4-5 digits depending upon the service.

The 5 figure numbers starting with 25, 27, 29, or 280, used by the charities will cost up to 1.2€. Numbers which begin with 35, 37 or 39 will cost 1.2 – 6€, and adult message services staring with 995, 997, or 999 will cost 6€ to the consumer.

The new rules also have the provision for ending the practice of sending two or more SMS to subscribe the same service. All bills will be itemized indicating the exact cost and provider of the service. A warning SMS would be necessary before contracting customers for services which cost more than 1.2€.

FACUA also said that, the regulations are not strict and companies not adhering to these rules may face consequences like losing the number and services.