Spanish trawler Ortube Berria survived a pirate scare this Sunday as private security on board thwarted an attack on the ship while fishing in the Indian Ocean. The pirates are believed to have attacked using small arms and a rocket launcher.

The Defense Ministry has said that the trawler came under attack by the pirates as early as 5.30 a.m. this Sunday, but the attack was made unsuccessful by the guards and the trawler managed to survive the scare. It was confirmed that pirates began shooting at the Ortube Berria when it was sailing 230 miles to the south west of the coast of Seychelles.

The pirates chased the trawler for around half an hour before they were made to turn away by returning fire from the private guards on the trawler. In a statement issued by the Ministry, it was said that none of the crew members suffered any injuries and there was no damage to the ship.

EU’s Atlanta anti-piracy operation commander is said to have ordered Álvarez Cabral, the Portuguese ship, to the attack site in place of the Spanish ship Canarias which was 600 miles away.