Around 47 million foreign tourists arrived in Spain during the first ten months of the year, which is equal to a 9.3 per cent decrease compared to the same period in 2008.

The latest report issued by Frontur shows that Spain received 4.6 million international tourists during the month of October, a 3.6 per cent decrease compared to the same month in 2008.

British tourists are still thenumber one, with 12.1 million British tourists visiting Spain in the first ten months, a 25.9 per cent of the total. British tourism to Spain has however also seen a decrease, in this case of 15 per cent.

Top tourist destinations in Spain

Catalonia is still the number one destination, having received 11.4 million international tourists, a 24.6 per cent of the total, albeit with a 10.9 per cent decrease.

Next in line come the Balearic Islands with 8.7 million tourists, 18.8 per cent of the total, with a 9.3 per cent decrease during the first ten months.

Third, the Canary Islands, with 6.6 million tourists arriving on the islands, or 14.2 per cent of all tourists visiting Spain, and a decrease of 13.7 per cent.