Spain’s Defense Minister Carme Chacón has confirmed reports that another Spanish trawler named Txori Gorri repelled a suspected pirate attack while fishing in the Indian Ocean. The news of an attack on Txori Gorri comes just within two days of the release of the 36 ‘Alakrana’ hostages, who were set free on Tuesday after being in captivity for a month and a half.

The Defense Minister said that the private guards on board the Basque trawler Txori Gorri ‘employed the necessary deterrence’ but did not divulge any details about the incident which took place on Thursday morning.

According to El País, the pirate boat under suspicion was seen at a distance of six miles from Txori Gorri, but did not attack the trawler and went away after the guards had fired warning shots.The four guards protecting the trawler are provided with ammunitions and weapons of the same kind as used by the military.