Attorney General Cándido Conde-Pumpido has said that the number of presently open cases of corruption against politicians totaled up to 730, with 594 judicial proceedings and as many as 136 investigations open in the Spanish judiciary. This number is close to about 1 percent of 66,000, which is equal to the total number of mayors and councilors in Spain.

Out of the political parties which have been affected, the socialist PSOE party has suffered the most with 264 cases against it. There are 200 cases against the PP, 43 cases against the Canary Islands Coalition, and the Catalan group Convergencia i Unió has 30 cases against it. The left wingers IU have 20 cases and the Partido Andalucista has 24 cases against its name, while there are 17 cases against the GIL party which had its base in Marbella before it became dysfunctional.

The Unión Mallorquina, Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya, the PNV Basque Nationalists and the Bloque Nactionalista Gallego combine together for the rest of the cases.

The Attorney General had put forward these statistics in Congress on Wednesday as an answer to a question from the Partido Popular and said that all the political parties were being watched over by the judiciary in the same way.