In a case of international police collaboration, Spanish police arrested an Algerian national suspected to be involved in an international racquet to fund terror cells in Algeria. This arrest is one amongst the series of ten arrests made so far in Austria, Spain, Italy and France. More arrests are expected to occur in the coming days as the network is believed to be extended to the U.K. and Switzerland.

The Internal Ministry of Spain said that an estimated 1 million Euros were obtained through robberies in the past three years. The money was funneled to Algeria in packets of 100,000 Euros, which is the legal limit to escape detection.

The suspect, Sennia Rabah, is already wanted in Italy for the forgery of identity documents, and the process has begun to extradite him to Italy.

The investigation begun in Italy in 2007 and is led by the Italian police, Guardia di Finanzas.