According to the chairman of the International Federation for Family Policy Institute (IOF) Eduardo Hertfelder, one in every five pregnancies in Europe ends in an abortion making it a major cause of death in Europe, as the rate approached 1.2 million abortions per year.

Spain, which along with UK, France, Romania, Italy, and Germany already accounts for 75% of abortions in the extended European Union, has the fastest growing number of abortions in Europe with the number of abortions doubling within a decade. It is expected to reach third place in Europe in three to four years from now.

In his presentation Hertfelder warned that the situation is very serious, as every three minutes a fetus is aborted in Europe and every one of seven cases is under 20 years of age. The report criticizes lack of specific EU policies for families and also highlights the social causes behind the problem. The number of divorces is growing and there are more than a million divorces every year. In Europe, less than 725,000 marriages took place in the last decade, and three out of four resulted in divorce.