The number of alcoholics in Spain has crossed two million, according to a fresh report submitted by the Federation of Rehabilitated Alcoholics. Moreover, the age associated with the typical alcoholic has come down, as most of them are people from the young generation in their 20s.

There is a new document prepared by the Federation which shows the good practices it has undertaken joining hands with the National Drugs Plan. It also informs us that more than 3.68 million people of Spain could be counted in for alcohol abuse. This forms nearly 8 percent of the Spanish population. Alcohol abuse is considered to be when someone drinks half a liter of wine daily, and when someone consumes a full bottle of wine daily, the person is considered dependent.

Doctors associated with the federation say that the typical alcoholic used to be a 40 or 50 year old person earlier. But now it is a youngster who is in his 20s and takes cocaine and cannabis in addition to alcohol, exposing him to a greater risk of dependency. This may affect their personality and make them crotchety and lacking values.

The doctors say that under-age drinking can be stopped only by bringing in tougher laws and asked the Minister of Health to look into the matter and take appropriate action.