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Valencia’s Citrus fruits ‘under threat’-claims Ava-Asaja


Valencia’s produce association, Ava-Asaja calls for tougher import restrictions on citrus fruits claiming Valencia’s Citrus fruits are under threat from the import of citrus fruits from South Africa claiming that they were carrying pests and diseases.

President of Ava-Asaja , Cristóbal Aguado said that Spanish government should suspend imports of citrus fruits from the South Africa until a new phytosanitary protocol is put into practice. He also cited statistics to support his claim that 52% of all shipments that were quarantined were found to be infested with ‘Gignardia citricarpa’ and 37% with ‘Cryptophlebia leucotreta’, both of which are extremely dangerous for citrus plants.

Figures provided by Spain’s Ministry of Environment also support his view as the number of consignments of citrus fruits that were screened, soared to a record level of 68 which is one of the highest figures in the past decade.