According to a Barcelona based company Galactic Suite limited, a new dimension will be added to the luxury and services offered by the hotels and that dimension will be space. The organization claims that it will have its own ‘Space’ is the new word for hotels Space station by 2012 and start catering to ‘Space’ customers the same year.

This stay in space will come at a gigantic price of $ 4.4 million, which would include a 3 day stay at the station and would be inclusive of an eight day training course on a tropical island. During their 3 day stay, tourists will get to see sunrise 15 times a day as the Space station is expected to orbit around the Earth every 80 minutes. Each hotel pod is expected to accommodate 4 people in addition to 2 cosmonaut pilots.

According to Galactic Suite’s CEO Xavier Claramunt it is very normal for people to think that their children could spend a weekend in space in the coming 15 years. He also said that their company has already received a $3 billion grant from an anonymous billionaire space enthusiast to finance the project.