The European Union Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg has not considered appeals by Batasuna‘s lawyers challenging the decision it had given out in June, definitively declaring it to be an illegal organization.

All of the five judges unanimously agreed not to reconsider the earlier decision after appeals by the ETA’s political wing, Batasuna’s, lawyers. Earlier this year in June, the Court had ruled in favor of the Spanish government’s decision of declaring Batasuna to be illegal.

The ruling has shown that the legal ban imposed on Batasuna does not disrupt freedom of expression and association, a point on which the Batasuna lawyers were arguing. It has also declared that dissolution of Batasuna by the Spanish government was a response to a ‘pressing social need’ and was necessary in a democratic society to prevent disorder, ensuring the safety of the citizens and protecting the rights of individuals.

Last month, the National Court had prevented the reconstruction of Batasuna’s leadership by its members. Arnaldo Otegi, and four others who were arrested are still on remand.