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Tax collection rule creates discontent


The ‘garbage tax’ reintroduced by the Madrid city council after a period of 24 years was met by heavy criticism from the people with as many as 23,000 signatures gathered against the reintroduction of tax. The row started when the Madrid city council started sending newsletters to the residents to convey this information.

Organizers of the campaign, the Socialist Group alleged that this garbage tax, which will leave the pockets of Madrid residents lighter by 60 to 190 Euros every year, is being imposed only to fetch more money for economic mismanagement by Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón Jiménez, who is the Mayor of Madrid.

The campaign has started to gather momentum with the Regional Federation of Residents Associations of Madrid (FRAVM) also joining the protest and urging people to gather at Plaza del Sol. The movement is getting immense support from the residents, with the city council receiving calls from people who are against the tax throughout the day.