The DGT Central Traffic Authority launched a new campaign this Monday aiming to crack down on drivers who use their phones at the wheel. Europa Press compared it to driving under the influence of liquor and said that it increased the risk of an accident up to 4 times.

The DGT said that drivers fail to notice two-fifths of traffic signals after a 90 second conversation on the phone while driving. Average speed drops by almost 12% and the reaction time increases. It is reported nearly one-third of all accidents which happened last year were due to driver negligence.

Out of the total license points which were lost lat year in Spain, 350,000 or 13% license points were lost to drivers who were found using their phones while driving. The campaign will run till 22nd November and Is supported by advertisements on radio and TV. Messages to avoid using phones while driving have also been posted on the informative panels on Spain’s main roads.