Spain created history when more than 50% of its power requirements were met by wind energy which is a first by any country. 11,546MW of energy, which was produced earlier today, is equivalent to energy produced by 11 nuclear reactors and amounts to 53% of country’s power requirements.

José Donoso, Chairman of the Spanish Eolic Business Association said that production is expected to rise and reach 40,000MW by year 2020. This achievement brushed aside claims of critics who predicted that only 14% of Spain’s power requirements could be met by wind energy. The government hopes that almost 30% of country’s power requirements would be met by renewable energy sources by next year.

Spain’s remarkable growth in the wind energy sector can be credited to the government’s favorable tax incentives creating an atmosphere of security amongst renewable energy producing companies and also to its terrain which is the second most mountainous in Europe after Switzerland, which is favorable for high speed winds.