The Somali pirates who had hijacked the fishing boat ‘Alakrana’ along with its 36 member crew have now brought back three crew members to the boat as they agreed to a $3million ransom against the release of the hostages. They had earlier taken these members to the shore. However, they continued to demand the release of two pirates who were in prison in Spain.

According to reports, the Spanish government has agreed to pay the ransom of $3 million but the problem was with the release of the two pirates who had been captured earlier. It is said that the government has been given a time of three days to make a deal or else the pirates would start killing the hostages.

The families of the trapped crew held a press conference demanding the release of the two pirates on Saturday, whom the National court had sent to prison.

However, the Spanish government has its hands tied as the pirates’ future lies with the National Court and all reports suggest that neither the judge nor the prosecutor see any chance of the pirates being released. The Spanish ambassador to Kenya was scheduled to meet the Somali Prime Minister on Sunday and look for a faster release of the hostages by exercising diplomatic pressure.