Unearthing of Federico García Lorca’s grave begun this week in an anxious atmosphere at Granada amidst concerns that this may bring to light the horrifying past of the country and the atrocities committed  during the Francisco Franco regime.

Federico García Lorca, who was an enlightening poet, was amongst the 50,000 who were supposedly killed during Franco’s regime which lasted roughly 36 years. Franco, who was the absolute chief of the ‘death squad’ Falange, made a law during his ruling period which forbid the unraveling of mass graves.

Falange consisted of 250,000 members in 1937 and 150,000 of its members served Franco during the Civil war. It was abolished on April 1, 1977, 2 years after his death.

With the unraveling of Lorca’s remains, relatives of many others who died during the same period hope that remains of their loved ones may also be identified and returned to them some day.