Hijackers of Spanish trawler Alakrana came forward with their demands on Tuesday asking the Spanish Government to release 2 Somali pirates in Spanish custody, in addition to withdrawal of all its warships and stoppage of fishing by Spanish boats in Somali waters.

The 11 day old crisis seems far from any solution as the Spanish Government summarily rejected the demands of pirates. Meanwhile, the pirates seem to be highly motivated and warned of retaliation by killing all 16 Spanish nationals onboard the hijacked ship if any rescue attempt takes place.

The exact location of anchorage of the hijacked ship is still not known and it is believed to be somewhere between the coastal towns of Garacad and Hindawao. The pirates have been frequently changing location to thwart any rescue attempt.

Meanwhile Spain’s Defense minister Carme Chacon, who is in Bosnia, has assured that the crew on board is safe and the EU forces are committed to resolve the situation.