One person was arrested for the murder of Alejandro Ponsoda, the former Mayor of Polop de la Marina who was killed in October 2007 in Xirles when he was shot outside his home. He succumbed to the injuries eight days later and was one amongst 22 people who were murdered in the Alicante province in 2007.

The person has been arrested in the Alicante province, although it is still to be confirmed whether the man in custody is the one to have fired the shot that killed Ponsoda.

This is the first arrest made in the investigation since 19 October 2007 when Alejandro Posoda was shot outside his home. He died in hospital eight days later, after his condition had initially improved a little with a surgery to take out a bullet which had gone into his brain.

He was 57 when he died and is survived by his wife and two daughters.