The red palm weevil continued to raise havoc as reports said that the number of trees destroyed by the weevil in Malaga went up to 989 this year. Private gardens have been the most to suffer where 869 trees have been lost.

The palm trees in Andalucía have been facing attacks since 1995 but the weevil’s attack is not only limited to Canary palms. It now also attacks other palms in addition to trees and plants it initially used to attack.

The weevil, originally from south-east Asia, has been thriving in the climate of Malaga after it was first found in Andalucía in 1995. It leads to fatal damage in the trees by laying its larvae in the palm trees’ trunk. The tree soon dies after the weevil’s attack.

The latest casualty was a Kentia Palm as said by Teresa Porras, the Malaga Councilor for Parks and Gardens. Number of palm trees lost to the weevil across different parts of Malaga is expected to be somewhere around 17,000.