According to the latest annual report by the European Union’s drugs agency, 3.1 percent of the total Spanish population has admitted to have taken cocaine during the past year. This is the highest for any country in Europe. A little more than 1 percent said that they had done so in the last month, which makes Spain the leader for that period too.

Average value for Europe stood at 1.2% and Spain’s figures were well above that. They were also slightly greater than Spain’s own figures for 2008.

The use of cocaine in Spain has stabilized in the past 5 years after huge increases in the preceding years. However, a lot still needs to be done in bringing down drugs usage in Spain.

Cannabis use in Spain fell to 10.1 percent against last year’s figure of 11.2 percent in the age group 15-64. Italy now leads in the use of cannabis within that age group, but in the age group 15-34 Spain is still ahead.