Seven Islamic militant suspects have been indited by a Spanish judge in connection to the train bombings in Madrid that killed nearly two hundred people, and injured over 1800. Fourteen terrorists have already been convicted for the multiple attacks; four Spaniards were also convicted of supplying the explosives.

The investigations into the attacks have never been closed, and Spanish authorities are still actively pursing more suspects, as these latest charges show. Six of the seven are charged with being members of a terrorist group, the other suspect has been charged with supporting them with documents, shelter and other needs.

In an oddity of Spanish law three of the accused are believed to have died in suicide bombing missions, but the charges have still been brought against them, and all seven are required to appear on court on the 20th of this month. Two others are in Moroccan prisons facing charges relating to the train bombings.

The other of the six terrorists is thought to be hiding in Belgium; the seventh man is already in Spanish custody.