A British woman on holiday was killed yesterday in a landslide in the Canary Islands Saturday when tones of buried rocks buried her alive. Marion O’Hara age 57 was instantly killed when a portion of the cliff line above the Los Gigantes beach toppled down at about 4pm in Tenerife time.

The Tenerife Civil Guard released a statement that said the landslide involved an area that was about 300 sq ft and the rocks collapsed from a height of 200ft. They also said that the British woman was killed along with a 34 year old local woman who was also killed by the landslide.

Hundreds of people were enjoying the sunshine on the beach when the landslide occurred, sending people running to escape the falling rocks. Rescuers attempted to save the two women but both were dead by the time their bodies were unearthed.

The beach was cordoned off previously after a landslide occurred October 7th, although no one was injured during that incident.