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Flu pandemic alert moves up one phase in Spain


According to the latest information from the Department of Health, (as of two weeks ago) the rate of people affected by influenza had doubled compared to the previous seven days.

This equates to 380 cases per 100,000 people, up from 150 the week before, this caused the government to up its pandemic alert to phase 3 (of 6) they say that there is now what they call a “significant presence” of influenza A across Spain.

There are just under 50 people detained in hospitals, with some in ICU facilities across the country, and the health department expect that it may get much worse, as it peaks at Christmas and into early January.

This flu is defiantly targeting the young and healthy, with under 25’s its most common victims. Most of the serious cases involve children aged under 14, the exact opposite to the usual, mainly elderly flu sufferers.