It is believed that at least seven people have been killed following the collapse of a small apartment building in the city of Palma, capital of the island of Majorca. Two others have been pulled from the rubble alive by an army of city rescue workers, who were removing the rubble one piece at a time, by hand, in dangerous conditions.

They three-storey building was built in the late 50’s, and according to local residents was in very poor condition. There was no warning before the sudden collapse of the building, which happened just after midnight.

Some eyewitnesses claim to have heard an explosion, moments before the loud rumble of the collapsing building.

Rescuers searched the rubble of the three-storey structure for more people who are unaccounted for. Rescuers and police evacuated six similar buildings on the same street as a safety precaution.

The city said that it had no reason to consider there was any threat to the other buildings, but were airing on the side of caution.

One of the victims is said to be a girl aged 16, as well as two other women and four men. Rescuers have strong reason to believe that there are still other people trapped within the building, who could possibly be alive.