A new periodical report is to be implemented by the Spanish Society of Cardiology, with the aim of combating cardiovascular disease deaths.

The report will seek to discover if there needs to be changes in several areas of Spanish society, such as if snuff needs to be outlawed, and how Spaniards should alter their diets.

In the short term, the report will monitor the possible flu pandemic, and what effects it may, or may not have, on heart failure related deaths.

Their first report reveals that nearly one third of deaths in Spain are heart related, this equates to 124,000 deaths.

If these figures do not rise dramatically over the upcoming flu season, the organisation believes that it is the flu vaccine that will be the reason for the saved lives.

The worst ‘heart related death’ areas are Andalusia, Valencia and the Canary Islands. Cantabria and the Basque country are the least affected by heart disease.