At the end of October, expatriates living in Spain will no longer be able to receive a ‘free ride’ for their health care needs in Spain. The change comes as Valencia authorities intend close a loophole in the law that has allowed some foreign visitors to get free health care without paying taxes.

After October 29th all expatriates will be required to pay 90 euro on a monthly basis if they are below retirement age, in order to access the health care system in Spain. After retirement age is reached they are able to access the healthcare system using the E121 form.

The British Embassy estimates that there are 1,600 Britons at the moment who enjoy the perks of free health care in this area of Spain.

There are thousands more who are possibly thought to be working in the Valencia region, but due to the city’s laidback laws surrounding the need to register when working, the numbers can only be estimated.