Thousands of anti-abortion demonstrators turned out on the streets of Madrid Saturday in a protest over new laws that would simplify abortions for women, and could lead to 16-year-olds having abortions on demand without parental consent.

The exact number of participants was unclear, while organizers spoke of around 1 million to 1.5 million protestors, police later confirmed figures of around 250,000 people and other sources discussed even lower figures of around 60,000 protestors while BBC even reported on the march being “2 million strong”.

The new law which aligns with existing laws in other EU countries, would allow all women from the age of 16 to have an abortion up to the 14th week of their pregnancy. This timeframe could be expanded for up to 22 weeks if the mother’s health or a deformed fetus would be detected as well as if the fetus would contract a serious or incurable illness.

The anti-abortion march was organized under the slogan “Every Life Counts” and participated by people from all over Spain, including religious groups and the right-wing Forum for the Family. Some protestors even called for the president, José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, to resign.

Anti-abortion protest in Spain video from CNN’s YouTube Chanell