In new law which will reduce the amount of international justice decisions that judges can make, is being approved by the Spanish parliament. Under the new rules, Spanish judges will not be allowed to make major decisions about the indictment of criminals from other countries.

The new law follows a series of high profile, but somewhat embarrassing, decisions to arrest people such as Osama bin Laden and former dictator, Augusto Pinochet. The previous set of rules allowed judges to make decisions in cases that, on occasion, even had no legal or other connection, to the Spanish legal system.

The practice of judges making what amounts to major political decisions with potential serious diplomatic consequences, has led to a long string of diplomatic incidents between Spain and friendly as well as un-friendly countries. Recent diplomatic incidents included countries such as China and Israel.

The new law dictates that Spain is not the world’s policeman, and judges should not get involved in what are national government and political decisions.