Financial aid to the Caribbean island of Cuba from Spain has risen dramatically to nearly €35 million this year, up from €17 million just two years ago. Miguel Angel Moratinos, Spanish Foreign Minister will soon visit the ostracised island for more discussions about further co-operation between Spain and Cuba.

The main aim of the millions of euros invested so far, has been in aiding the Cubans with being more efficient in producing their own food, rather than relying on imported goods. Other funds have been aimed at sustainable drinking water supplies, as well as many health projects, and assistance with education.

This large-scale injection of funds followed a normalisation of relations between Spain and Cuba in April of 2007. Cooperation had been halted in 2003 when the communist country had jailed over 70 people claiming that they were conspiring against Cuba with the US.

Next year’s financial assistance is not expected to rise, and will be the same as this year’s figures.