Boozy Brit’s, and even a few other foreigners, may have to go elsewhere for their happy hour over indulgence, as the region of Catalonia has decided that it intends to put a stop to “special offers” for holidaying revellers.

The region has banned any kind of gimmick aimed at promoting excessive boozing at cheap prices. The aim is to curb the extreme behaviour of many tourists who are quickly tanked-up on budget drinking.

Any bar or other establishment that makes any attempt to use any kind of “happy hour”, “two for one” or any other disguised cheap boozing promotion, will be subject to a fine of £6,000.

This new offensive comes as a result of a general health initiative, which was approved by the local government this week. The main target of the new rules is Barcelona, where stag and hen parties, comprised mainly of drunken Brits, cause havoc nearly every weekend in the city.

Last year there was a 30% increase in arrests in the city of British tourists, in drink related incidents.