Tuesday, a Spanish judge ruled that Argentine Navy Lt. Julio Alberto Poch, should be held in a Madrid prison, until a decision is made on whether he will be extradited back to Argentina or not.

Poch is one of the two pilots arrested by Spanish police for his part in ‘death flights’ during the Argentina Civil War. During one of these aptly named flights, prisoners were tossed from high altitudes alive, to plunge to their deaths during the 1970’s and 1980’s, according to Argentina officials.

The judge, Eloy Velasco who sits on the National Court, decreed that Poch will not be given provisional liberty, even though his defence lawyer had requested the provision.

The other pilot accused of taking part in death flights is former Navy Capt. Emir Sisul Hess, who was arrested near the Spanish border. Hess is implicated in 900 deaths although he denies any part in the allegations.