On Thursday the Spanish police arrested 74 people who are alleged to be part of Internet pornography ring, which includes many violent images of children being sexually attacked.

Outside of arrests, the swoop also resulted in the seizure of millions of photos of children engaged in sexual acts, as well as several videos that showed adults sexually abusing young children.

An official statement said that police will analyze the footage from the videos in order to identify the victims, and also the attackers, to see if any of those arrested are featured in the videos.

There were a wide range of people arrested , including some government officials, computer specialists, engineers, and one teacher included in the group.

One of the arrested people had a camera with pornographic images that include a 13 year old girl and another child with an undisclosed age.

Spanish police were aided in their sweep by new tracking software that allows the police to track users who access illegal Internet sites, and links the users with their actual addresses and names.

Over the past five years 1,200 people have been arrested upon suspicion of looking at Internet child pornography in Spain.