According to reports, the official Olympic bidding team for the Brazilian city of Rio, have made a formal complaint against the city of Madrid, following comments by a Spanish Olympic bid official, who had raised questions about Rio de Janeiro’s capabilities to hold the world’s largest sporting event.

Apparently Jose Maria Odriozola, who is the vice-president of the Spanish Olympic team, made a comment along the lines that Rio was the “worst” of the remaining four Olympic city hopefuls.

Madrid has formally made an apology for his comments trying to stave off any unpleasantness before today’s decision as to which city, Rio, Tokyo, Madrid or American hopeful Chicago, will be granted the honour of holding the games.

It is felt that the comments may leave a sour taste in the mouths of the International Olympic Committee, in what is deemed an incredibly close call in deciding the winner. On the other hand the Olympic committee in Spain say that due apologies have been made, and that it is inconceivable that the IOC would change their mind based solely on a single comment. Nevertheless, with so much at stake no city can afford to make the slightest error in judgement.