The foreign tourists who made the trip to the sunny shores of the Spanish Mediterranean spent considerably less in the first eight months of 2009, compared to the same period the year before.

The total spent by foreigners was €33 billion, this is a drop of 7.5% this according to the annual Tourism Expenditure Survey.

From New Year’s Day until the end of August the average spend by each foreign visitor per day, was €93, with an overall, per tourist, spend of €910

Brits accounted for the biggest amount of cash coming into Spain through tourism, at €7.7 billion, or nearly a quarter of all the cash spent by foreign visitors.

Most of the tourist cash was spent in Catalonia, who pulled in €6.7 billion in the month of August alone, although it should be said this is a drop of nearly 5.5% over the same period last year.

Only Catalonia, Madrid, and the Balearic Islands saw an increase in tourist cash flow.