An American solar power company’s which goes by the name of Recurrent Energy has set up shop in Spain, partnering with ProLogis who are builders of large-scale warehouses.

Their first project is to build huge rooftop solar energy stations on top of warehouses in Barcelona and Madrid with the intention of producing nearly 5 MW of power. That is enough energy to run nearly 4000 regular Spanish homes.

Both of these companies are based in the western US in the sun filled areas of California and Denver, so it is quite a coup for Spain to bring their technological know-how 12,000 miles away from home.

Spain is the most solar conscious country in Europe which is one of the main thrusts that brought the company’s across the pond. Another big draw was that Spain offers excellent prices for any company that feeds solar energy into their national grid, making it very viable for the company’s bottom line.

The companies believe that this is a blueprint for how many countries may produce a large portion of their energy needs, simply by taking up, otherwise useless and unused acres on the tops of giant warehouse units.