According to the nations Energy Secretary, Pedro Marin, Spain is in the unusual position of not only having sufficient energy resources; it has an abundance of spare power. So much so that the government intends to take a medium term line of phasing out nuclear power as a generation option.

Spain plans to phase out nuclear powerSpain has made significant investment into different kinds of renewable energy over the last few years to sidestep its fuel import dependence. In recent years the reduction of greenhouse gases has also pushed forward clean and green energy alternatives.

Spain is now the world’s number three in terms of wind power, and is the number two producer of solar energy. As in many countries there is strong public opposition to nuclear power plants, in Spain this is perhaps more intense with public and political will forcing the end of new nuclear plant construction, as they announced last year that no new plants will be built.

According to the Energy Secretary there is little point in using the potentially dangerous nuclear option when other alternatives are not only feasible but also highly practical and relatively cheap and efficient for Spanish energy production.

Image by christopherpeterson under Creative Commons.