Spanish police have detained a British citizen who is the main subject in a road rage murder attempt in the UK. The man in his late 20s is said to have tried to kill a 17-year-old boy by the name of Lee Allsup back in June on the Scottish M74 motorway.

Lee was the passenger in a transit van which overturned in Lanarkshire killing the driver Mark Fleeman from Utoxeter. Lee is a student at Burton College and was working as a shop fitter for Mr Fleeman.

Leeds sustained serious injuries and has little or no recollection of the incident occurring. The suspect who was detained in Alicante has appeared in a Madrid court and voiced his opposition towards extradition. Under Spanish law the judge has 60 days to decide if the suspect will be deported back to the UK.

According to Strathclyde police the suspect is wanted for questioning regarding the death of Mark Fleeman and will also possibly face attempted murder charges with regard to Lee Allsup.