Spain, who is going to take over the EU presidency from Sweden in January 1, 2010 and is doing everything possible to make it count. The presidency is going to last for 6 months and Spain is planning ahead to be up to the challenge.

It was evident when the Prime Minister of Spain confirmed that there is going to be an EU-US summit in May, 2010, where Barack Obama, the President of the United States, will pay an official visit to Spain for the first time.

The announcement is the outcome of the last meeting between President Obama and Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, which was held in the G20 summit in Pittsburgh last week. The Prime Minister of Spain will first visit the White House on October 13 this year, and then the US President will visit Spain next year on May 25.

There had been a cold war running between Spain and the US during the era of George W. Bush, former President of the US, and the scheduled mutual visits of the Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero and the US President Barak Obama is expected to break the ice and improve the current relations between the two countries significantly.