In the first case of its kind anywhere in the world a man who had fallen pregnant with twins, which subsequently miscarried as stated that he is now undergoing IVF treatment at a clinic in order to become pregnant again.

Ruben Noe Coronado aged 26 who was born a woman under the name of Estefania Coronado Jimenez has said he is more determined than ever that he will have a baby following the death of his twins. He has been having heavy doses of testosterone by injection since he became a legal adult at age 18.

At the beginning of the year the Madrid native shocked the world with his announcement that he was pregnant with twins, but then in May he miscarried and lost both of the babies at an age of 19 weeks.

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For the IVF to work he will need to see is his male hormone treatment. He and his girlfriend Esperanza Ruiz, say that nothing will stop them trying again for a baby following the loss of their twins.