Pablo Pineda is a Spanish actor who suffers from Down’s syndrome, who stars in the Spanish movie Me Too (Yo, Tambien). His character is also a Down’s syndrome victim in his 30s who manages to attain a university degree then goes on to fall in love with a workmate.

Yo Tambien - MovieThe actor plays Daniel Sanz who goes to university in Seville and manage to become the first European with Down’s two come away with a diploma. He then moves on to take a job in social services.

Pablo Pineda says that the character has a lot of similarities to his real life as he has a special education degree. This performance has been called emotional and highly convincing.

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The movie was directed by Alvaro Pastor and Antonio Naharro and offers Pineda the chance to display a huge range of emotions, something that is very difficult for someone with Down’s syndrome to deal with.

Pineda managed to scoop up the prestigious best actor prize at the film festival in San Sebastian, his co-star Lola Duenas also brought home the best actress award.