Former 70s pop icon, turned convicted pedophile, Paul Gadd, aka Gary Glitter, appeared in Horseferry Road Magistrates Court yesterday seeking permission to take a trip to the South of France.

The Metropolitan Police have made an application for an extremely uncommon total ban on foreign travel against Glitter. Brendan Gibbs a detective sergeant with the Met stated in court that the police consider Gadd to be “an uncontrollable fiend” and he simply “could not help himself”.

He also pointed out that Glitter had consistently refused be treatment programmes that had been offered to him, that would assist in his rehabilitation. The police stated that they felt that his real intention was to go to the South of France and then slip over the border into northern Spain.

Officer Gibbs pointed out that under Spanish law the legal age of consent is only 13. Timothy Workman the Chief magistrate decided to take time weighing the evidence before coming to a final decision in a few days.