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Marbella cosmetic surgeon jailed


Stella Obasanjo was the first-lady of Nigeria who died under the surgeon’s knife in October 2005 at an exclusive clinic in Marbella while undergoing cosmetic surgery. She was having simple and straightforward liposuction but during the procedure she received injuries that proved fatal.

The Molding Clinic - MarbellaThe Molding Clinic on the Costa del Sol were, in the words of the judges presiding over the case, “neglectful and downright careless in there treatment of the patient”. Their lack of care led to Stella Obasanjo’s liver being badly slashed, 24 hours later she became ill but the surgeon ignored his cell phone when called for help, and then took a further 4 hours to attend to his patient.

He then placed her in the back of his own vehicle to rush her to hospital in Marbella where she died within an hour of arrival. The un-named doctor received a £110,000 fine, was bared from medical practice for three years and sent to prison for 12 months.