The streets of Zaragoza in the north eastern corner of Spain were filled Saturday with thousands of people marching to protest the acquisition of General Motors’ Opel by Canada’s Magna Corporation.

Magna purchased a controlling 55% of the company’s stock. The new acquisition will lead to redundancy and the loss of 10,000 jobs at the European based Opel car maker.

Among the protestors were business representatives, union representatives, employees from the Figueruelas, Zaragoza Opel factory, and local politicians.

The Figueruelas plant in Zaragoza is slated to be closed as part of the deal which will cost 1,700 people their jobs at the plant as well as 800 more jobs in auxiliary industries that support the production at the local Opel factory.

President Marcelino Iglesias of the Aragon region said that he will fight to keep the plant open.