31-year-old New Zealander, Benjamin John Coulson known to his friends as Benny died in a Spanish hospital two days before Christmas last year after receiving head injuries on 19 December 2008. According to reports British police in Cambridge arrested a man said to be in his 20s a month ago in the city of Cambridge he was subsequently charged with manslaughter.

He has now been extradited to Spanish custody to await trial with regard to the death of Mr Coulson who lived in La Linea the mainland town adjacent to Gibraltar wife Eva who is Spanish and their six-year-old son.

According to police reports he was struck on the head with some kind of object whilst drinking in a bar with friends that night he died. This injury however was not serious and later in the evening he took a taxi to the home of the man who struck him on the head to ask for an explanation.

On arrival he was again struck on the head this time by a head-butt which left him unconscious and resulted in the injuries from which he did not recover.