Zara the high street Spanish brand of clothes, and the spearhead of Inditex, a Spanish fashion group which is the largest of its kind in Europe and one of the biggest it the world, is going to sell its clothes online from winter 2010 initially in major European countries followed by worldwide Zara markets.

ZaraThis significant step is the result of plummeting retail sales of Zara products in Spain, and the apparent success of some of the major clothing retailers like Sweden’s H&M, and Gap Inc of the US in online sales.

Inditex faced an 8.0 percent fall from last year in first-half net profit of nearly $5.5 million. That prompted them to open 166 more outlets mainly in the rapidly growing Chinese and Indian markets and the sales eventually increased 7.0 percent to 4.86 billion euros in six months. The company duly addressed the significance of the Asian markets to the expansion of Inditex.