General Francisco Franco is buried at a mausoleum 80kms from Madrid that is the site of a large annual memorial mass which honours the former Spanish dictator on the anniversary of his death. But now the traditional Nov 20th mass may no longer be held.

According to a law ratified in 2007 by Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero the Spanish Prime Minister any kind of political gathering at the tomb of General Franco is against the law. The government have decreed that there should be a new ceremony each year which will focus on the dead of the three year long Spanish Civil War which would be moved to 3 November annually.

The new mass will be a strictly religious event with no political overtones; the aim is to make the ceremony non-political and a remembrance purely of those Spaniards on both sides who fell during the conflict.

Official estimates believe that the graves located at the so-called Valley of the Fallen may hold as many as 60,000 bodies from the Pro-and anti-Franco armies.