Spain is the original cheap and sunny holiday destination which boomed especially through the 60s and 70s with the advent of the all in one package holiday that saw millions of visitors from the UK and other countries arrive on the Spanish mainland and Islands for the first time.

But now Spain believes that the era of cheap beer, third-rate hotels, and the all-inclusive two-week getaway are at an end. Spain now believes that tourism to the country is about to change and they are pushing plans to entice wealthier and more cultured tourists to visit Spain for more than sunbathing all day and boozing all night.

Spain is seeking to switch tourist’s attention away from the Costa’s and show them the other side Spain and put new destinations in front of a more discerning set of visitors. They are to place far more emphasis on their offerings such as UNESCO World Heritage sites, the best vineyards, their great museums Guggenheim Museum and their more of market cities.

Only three years ago the Costa del Sol was voted the worst holiday destination in the world by a major group of travel professionals. Spain now wants to totally escape that concrete jungle by the polluted sea image and offer a new kind of Spanish tourism.

A large part of this sudden focus on a more upmarket crowd may be that tourism numbers continue to decline and Spain looks likely to slowly lose its place as one of the most visited countries in the world.