Easily Spain’s most well-known and well respected film director Pedro Almodovar has received a significant slap in the face after the Spanish film Academy did not include him in countries short list for Oscar nominations.

Broken EmbracesIt certainly did not go unnoticed that the Oscar winning director has received what can only be considered an insult after his latest film entitled Broken Embraces was not added to the list that will be presented to the Oscar committee for competition under the category of Best Foreign Language Film.

The movie also stars one of Spain’s other Spanish movie exports the talented and beautiful Penelope Cruz, added to this the movie has received very good reviews not only at home but across the world.

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One of the movies that was listed was directed by Daniel Sanchez Arevalo and is only is second feature film.

This is not the first time that Pedro has been insulted by his own national academy, as he previously resigned from the organisation over what he considered to be dubious voting regulations in the Spanish equivalent of the Academy Awards.